Case Study: TD Bank

When Dunn Twiggar was serendipitously introduced to this site in 2007, it was in use as a decrepit gas station. Our development team recognized the potential from the start, and wanted to be proud of what the location could in turn become. As initial site-work began to unfold, unforeseen complications lurked, literally, just beneath the surface. The obstacles ranged from substantial environmental clean-up, including undocumented gas tanks, to dealing with the challenges of 250 years of prior development on an urban infill site. We wanted to be certain that our work would make a positive impact on the surrounding community, so we were incredibly selective when speaking with prospective tenants. Once Dunn Twiggar began the clean-up, marketing, and promoting of the site, tenants of high caliber, such as TD Bank began to take notice, and the conversation started. While a relatively small project with significant hurdles, it was ultimately rewarding in that we were able to make a difference in the community we live in.