Building Description

Type: Retail         Size: 14,820 RSF         Year Built: 2006

Location: Located in Forks Township, PA, at the intersection of Sullivan Trail and Zucksville Road.

Description: Currently under construction, this development will be a stand-alone Walgreens drug store. This property will be a part of Towne Center at Sullivan Trail, an 8 acre retail shopping center.

Case Study: As a repeat developer for Walgreens, Dunn Twiggar understands their real estate requirements and can assess new markets to determine the best location for new Walgreens stores. With this project, we did just that. We determined this site would be an excellent location for a new store because of the tremendous increase in population, high traffic counts at the intersection and superb access points this new development would allow. The site was approved by Walgreens in the fall of 2004 and opened for business two years later in 2006.