Asset Management is essential to a successful and profitable real estate investment. It goes beyond the benefits of proper Property Management (“management of the day-to-day operations”), to a more in-depth analysis and monitoring of a property’s performance and value. Asset Management helps owners make more informed decisions and strengthen the value of their investment.

Dunn Twiggar’s Asset Management program elevates us above other management firms. Our experience as an investor and operator allows us to advise our clients with a true “owner’s perspective”. We evaluate all aspects of their property, such as; existing leases, tenant make-up, floor plate layout, financial statements and/or market. We then advise our clients on ways to add long term value, increase cash flow, improve the tenant credit worthiness and/or make the property more efficient. This program continues over the life of their investments.

Our Asset Management services include:

  • Revenue & Expense Auditing
  • Lease Audit & Abstracting
  • Market Study
  • Building Audit 
  • Financial Modeling
  • Underwriting
  • Due Diligence
  • Pro Formas

Depending on a client’s requirements, these services can be integrated to provide a full service Asset Management solution or customized for an a la carte package.

Full Service Asset Management: Dunn Twiggar will provide a comprehensive management program that includes all the services provided in Asset Management.

Customized Asset Management: Our clients select the service or services that best meets their needs.

We work with each client to determine which Asset Management services best meet their needs and structure the program to accomplish their goals.