Dunn Twiggar offers solutions for financing commercial and industrial real estate for individuals and partnerships alike. Our relationship based process affords us a unique association with a number of banks, pension companies, life insurance companies and other debt providers.

We have the capacity to coordinate the loan package from inception to funding. We have secured both recourse and non-recourse loans for a number of properties both large and small. Our loan portfolio includes transactions from $500,000 to $110,000,000.

We can underwrite and model the loan to industry specifications based on our experience and insight. We will provide and executive outline of the request, loan summary and amortization schedules with lease abstracts and geographical and demographic data.

The ability to secure financing for transactions is in great demand within our industry. An outline of our capacity is listed below:

  • Construction Financing
  • Credit Tenant Lease Transactions
  • Income Property Refinancing
  • Cash Out Refinancing 
  • Fixed or Variable Rate Mortgages
  • Equity and Debt Structure
  • Bridge Loans
  • Partnership and Joint Venture Structure

Our ability to qualify a request and properly match it with a lender has made Dunn Twiggar successful in placing financing for a number of clientele.

Should you have a loan maturing or wish to evaluate financing for your real estate asset, please feel free to contact us.