Proper and proactive Property Management, the management of the day-to-day operations of a property, is the single most important piece of a successful real estate investment. Property management is a personal process – personal to the landlord; personal to the tenant; personal to the building. Successful management recognizes and cultivates these personal relationships.

Dunn Twiggar’s Property Management program is designed to optimize the value of our clients’ real estate investments. This value is realized through tenant retention, proper budgeting, cost efficient and effective property operations and expenses, proper building maintenance, contract management and accounting.

Our Property Management services include:

  • Vendor/Contract Management
  • Inspections
  • Budgets
  • CAM Reconciliation Master Files
  • Insurance Administration 
  • Tenant Relations
  • Reporting
  • Maintenance and Repair
  • Accounting & Bookkeeping
  • Lease Administration
  • Document Management

Depending on a client’s requirements, these services can be integrated to provide a full service Property Management solution or customized for an a la carte package.

Full Service Property Management: Dunn Twiggar will provide a comprehensive management program that includes all the services provided in Property Management.

Customized Property Management: Our clients select the service or services that best meets their needs.

We work with each client to determine which Property Management services best meet their needs and structure the program to accomplish their goals.

Property management can be very time consuming, which is why teaming with Dunn Twiggar allows our clients to focus on their top priority, their core business operations, while we focus on the day-to-day operations of their real estate investments.